How to set up notifications using Kontur.Agent service

  1. Installation and entrance to Kontur.Agent
  2. Configuring the Contour. Agent
  3. Work in Kontur.Agent

Contour. The agent is intended to notify users of new documents in Contour. Extern, Dyadok, Standard, Contour. EDI. Notifications will be displayed as pop-up messages in the lower right corner of the screen.

Sample notification:

Installation and entrance to Kontur.Agent

Follow the link and click on the "Next" button.

Wait until the end of the test and click the "Install" button.

Wait until the installation is completed and click on the “Start Contour.Agent” button.

A login window will appear. Authorization is carried out by a certificate or by login and password. You must select the certificate of the organization you need or enter the username and password that are used to enter the Contour. Extern, Dyadok, Standard.

If in Kontur.Ekstern work is carried out in the mode of service accounting, then in Kontur.Agent should choose the certificate of the parent organization.

You can also launch the Contour. Agent through the Start menu> All Programs> Special Design Bureau> Contour. Agent.

If you need to enter the program with a different certificate or login, then right-click on the Contour icon. Agent in the tray and select the "Switch user" item.

Similarly, you can exit the program. If it is necessary that the Contour.Agent does not start after restarting the computer, then go to the certificate change window and close it without choosing anything.

Configuring the Contour. Agent

After logging in to the computer tray, the Contour. Agent icon will appear. After logging in to the computer tray, the Contour

Click on it and click on the gear icon. A list of settings will open, in which you should specify which notifications should be received.

Work in Kontur.Agent

When entering Contour. Exter, Dyadok, Regulatory or Contour. EDI new documents, notifications, responses that were selected in the settings, a pop-up message will appear in the lower right corner of the computer screen.

The main tab will display all received notifications from Contour. Extern, Diadoc, Regulatory and Contour. EDI.

If you click on the notification, it will go to the service from which the notification came. A window with the incoming document will immediately open on the screen.

The “Help” tab contains useful links:

  • Contour shop - link to all products SKB Kontur;
  • Personal Area - the user's personal account will open;
  • Technical support - link to the page with those contacts. support, the transition to the diagnosis and remote support.

As well as shortcuts to enter Extern, Dyadok, Focus, Standard, Procurement and School of Accountant.

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