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The brain in a sense functions in the same way as muscles. Therefore, just as muscle tension and exercise increase muscle strength, so different actions and habits can increase brain productivity. Your brain is like an interface between your mind and the outside world. Below are 8 ways that you may not have heard about, and they can seriously improve your mental abilities.

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Eat the right foods
Do you know that the use of various products is directly related to the increase in "brain power"? You may have already heard that the main ones are fruits and berries (especially blueberries), as well as vegetables rich in vitamins A, E, B, C, magnesium and folic acid. But there are some foods that you would hardly have added to the category of brain energy drinks, one of them is dark chocolate. It is it that stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, which helps the brain to function at an optimal level. Another example is fish oil, which is used as a raw material for the brain and has a beneficial effect on the emotional centers of the brain, as well as increasing attention.
With such creative activities as drawing, mainly the right hemisphere of the brain is used. This is the part of the brain that thinks holistically and, in fact, non-verbally. The drawing also coordinates and strengthens the motor areas of the brain.
Learn a new language
Learning a new language strongly stimulates the other side of the brain, the left. The left brain works with analytic and verbal functions and they both train when you learn a new language. This is a difficult activity for the left hemisphere and can be an excellent technique for stimulating the brain as a whole. So choose the language that you always wanted to learn (perhaps, which is spoken in the country that you always wanted to visit), and start learning!
Use a non-dominant hand.
If you are right handed, try performing some tasks with your left hand. If you are left handed, try doing them with your right hand. This simple action will load your brain in a new way, it is connected with muscle coordination. An additional advantage is that if you achieve sufficiently good results in this, you can boast of symmetry.
Cross Country Walks
Walking on uneven surfaces, such as a rocky road, helps improve mental abilities. This type of activity stimulates coordination and improves overall mental ability.
Move your fingers
Moving your fingers and toes, paying close attention to these parts of the body you will do very well for your brain. Try to do this first thing when you wake up in the morning. Slowly move and move your fingers and toes, while maintaining a vivid awareness of what is happening. After this, you may find yourself waking up more alert and able to focus on activities throughout the day.
Creating bright images
Important for the brain are the functions of imagination and visualization. You can use this ability and at the same time increase the power of your brain. Try to visualize and vividly present various scenarios. Try to introduce yourself in these scenarios, this kind of "meditation" give a tangible effect. In addition, try to visualize all the senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste as clearly as possible. There is also a way to recreate an event, for example, lying on a bed, imagine how you rise from it, the most difficult thing to do is slow down, because it’s difficult for our brain to recreate a detailed slow picture, so everything in our thoughts happens quickly and the brain misses a lot of details. so it seems to him easier. But if by training you make your brain recreate the event in detail and slowly, then it will become more productive in other life situations.